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P1010032.JPG (90729 octets) P1010069.JPG (55459 octets) P1010094.JPG (74519 octets) P1010097.JPG (90131 octets)
Semi urban Comms check Horse cart Kabul suburbs
P1010016.JPG (65434 octets) P1010101.JPG (57042 octets) P1010104.JPG (62401 octets) P1010103.JPG (63647 octets)
Kings Palace Urban Patrol Urban Patrol Urban Patrol
Some people have to work for a living apache7-3.jpg (145381 octets) AKA Lion of Kabul, Razor, Lumier Saufteur D'Haiti apache7-2.jpg (44235 octets)
Semi rural  Op Apache VIII Patrol Leader OP Apache VIII Into the void

On the 6th of June 2004 we had a mission to play 9 holes of Golf at the Kabul Golf Course. The goal of the mission was to demonstrate to the expats from the UN and NGOs that the Kabul Golf Course was open for business, free from the threat of Taliban and Al-Quida shit heads who at this moment in time are a spent force in the Kabul region.

This mission was the commutation of an intensive recce phase, including mine, terrain and an in-depth threat assessment. We determined that the risk was acceptable and convinced higher up of the validity of the mission and went for it.

We alerted a reporter from Canadian Press of our intentions and he joined us for the demonstration that went off without a hitch.

Soldier of Fortune 1st annual Kabul Open Golf Tournament
Cover of SOF
GOLF19.JPG (97177 octets)
Addressing the ball
18 hole.jpg (71300 octets) GOLF01.JPG (81406 octets) GOLF20.JPG (109063 octets) 18 hole02.jpg (119159 octets)
First Tee Oil + Sand = Green Tee Off View from the Club House
GOLF17.JPG (110566 octets) GOLF04.JPG (100458 octets) GOLF05.JPG (101956 octets) GOLF07.JPG (121358 octets)
Reading the Green Selecting a club Club house & dam in background Water hazard
GOLF09.JPG (128104 octets) GOLF10.JPG (106149 octets) GOLF11.JPG (129677 octets) GOLF14.JPG (122215 octets)
Excellent follow through Steven Thorne putting Martyrs grave on the left Watching the ball
GOLF16.JPG (84581 octets) GOLF02.JPG (118534 octets) The Lion was a MAJOR Achitect of this Event GOLF18.JPG (111618 octets)
Champions of the Kabul Open Runner up at the Kabul Open The Lion & Golf Pro  Runner up at the Kabul Open
GOLF06.JPG (105577 octets) GOLF08.JPG (108098 octets) GOLF12.JPG (126315 octets) GOLF15.JPG (105249 octets)
Taking a bearing Tee Off Long Shot checking it out
GOLF03.JPG (101554 octets)
3 of the architects of the event
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