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I would rather not drink at all than drink from a glass of mediocrity.


The best non lethal military kit money can buy, in cheap Canadian dollars.

CANADIAN CLUB WHISKY   not just for breakfast anymore.

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The RBR RLO is staffed by Canadian & British  combat arms personnel from the MND SW sector of operations in Bosnia, The Razors Edge of our respective countries foreign policy. Our primary mission is to ensure that range safety procedures are understood and applied by any of the19 user nations deployed in the Bosnian theater of operations.






WO2 A.S. Arch

Range Liaison Officer


Capt J.S.  Dumas 

Assistant Range Liaison Officer 

 Co 2 I/C

Mcpl C.  Sauve 

For many members of the crew the challange of a lifetime is their initial 3 day training course. Its an acheivable goal for someone whos fit, physically and mentally . The mental fitness is probably more important, as the physical fittness will come from training. The grit and determination to acheive are just somthing that you need to have.

Co 2 I/C

Bdr A. Paquin 

Cpl D.  Lagnaire 

Gnr R. Burke

Gnr B. Blatcher

Gnr Deeming

Gnr K. Stubbles 

Gnr  Murry

Gnr H. Coakly

Gnr S. Rodaway

Gnr S. Levite

Gnr Hennels

Gnr A. Grey

Gnr J. Chilton

Gnr J. Dickinson

Sap C. Gouin 

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