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Ok, so you've been sitting in a trench for the last 18 hours waiting for the enemy that never comes, you have your field message pad, your Stedtler color markers and more that enough time to see the imaginary enemy soldiers leper crawling towards your position, a common phenomena among sleep deprived soldiers every where.

How do you stay awake, alert and hone your military skills at the same time?

Impossible you say? 

I used to think that to, until I downloaded these skill testing puzzles and other challenging activities. Collect them all, trade them with your friends and remember if you Mack Tack them you can use them over and over again.


Connect the Dots

connectdots1.gif (9089 octets)


connectdots2.gif (8923 octets)

Coloring                                                Mazes


cdnmili.jpg (47318 octets)

comanche.gif (9757 octets)

maze tank.jpg (140117 octets)

maze1.jpg (229783 octets)



Cut, Color, and Paste


 I hope you guys in the Command Post didn't think I forgot about you, now you have something to do during those midnight to six radio shifts, so grab those scissors you dropped behind the radio rack and you can start cutting, coloring and pasting. 

Be sure to add these skill testing puzzles, mazes, coloring sheets and cut outs to your Bug Out Kit list and I guarantee that you will have the most fun you've ever had on exercise or overseas deployment  since they went dry.

StickerSheet2.jpg (126846 octets)

Sticker Sheet

cutout_bkgd1.gif (7258 octets)

cutout_bkgd2.gif (6583 octets)

Background 1

Background 2

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