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Tank09.JPG (70688 octets) Tank15.JPG (78914 octets) Tank20.JPG (120201 octets) Tank27.JPG (88482 octets)
Damaged tank Armoured Personnel Carriers Spiked tank barrel Mine layer
Tank28.JPG (87967 octets) Tank29.JPG (75651 octets) Tank46.JPG (72485 octets) Tank55.JPG (69936 octets)
Hull down Bridging equipment in background Armoured Personnel Carriers Puerto Rican flag
poli01.JPG (73093 octets) poli02.JPG (46364 octets) poli03.JPG (41689 octets) poli04.JPG (43127 octets)
BRDM 2 T-54 55 BRDM & BTR BRDM 2
WW II era tank on the left

blue.jpg (74435 octets) apacheVI01.jpg (65076 octets) ANA sm.jpg (71738 octets) CAMEL.JPG (54135 octets)
Kabul Op Apache Afghan National Army Camel near Bagram Road
green.JPG (71292 octets) land01.JPG (51573 octets) MIG.JPG (59548 octets) pat01.JPG (71575 octets)
Kabul Queens Palace The Lion & his Prey Op Apache
pat02.JPG (65056 octets) pat03.JPG (89190 octets) pat04.JPG (124471 octets) pat05.JPG (62758 octets)
Op Apache Op Apache Op Apache Op Apache
pat06.JPG (66052 octets) Tank OP.jpg (51077 octets) tv03.JPG (80799 octets)
Suburbs of Kabul Destroyed tank used as an OP Suburbs of Kabul

TV013.JPG (106563 octets) tv02.JPG (92305 octets) tv01.JPG (136577 octets) TV032.JPG (109038 octets)
View from vantage point Soviet truck View from vantage point View from vantage point
TV033.JPG (86438 octets) TV037.JPG (125808 octets) TV064.JPG (116945 octets) TV065.JPG (126873 octets)
View from vantage point View from vantage point Soviet tank View from vantage point
TV062.JPG (124216 octets) TV036.JPG (114365 octets)
Russian bunker 
View from vantage point
parade002.JPG (81083 octets) parade004.JPG (72896 octets) parade006.JPG (95755 octets) parade009.JPG (78359 octets)
Back Alley Main Mosque Security Security
parade010.JPG (101000 octets) parade011.JPG (97276 octets) parade012.JPG (114466 octets) parade013.JPG (92056 octets)
Security detail Security briefing Posing with his bike inspection
stadium made famous by Taliban executions parade016.JPG (108163 octets) parade017.JPG (92370 octets) parade018.JPG (102650 octets)
Olympic Stadium Colour guard Colour guard Colour Guard
parade025.JPG (108024 octets) parade026.JPG (126028 octets) parade033.JPG (118890 octets) parade036.JPG (76756 octets)
Security Security Invited guest Floats
parade037.JPG (99371 octets) parade040.JPG (95196 octets) President Karzi salutes the Lion of Kabul parade047.JPG (109031 octets)
Waiting for the start Presidential drive by President Karzi Minister of Defence
parade049.JPG (80534 octets) parade053.JPG (58020 octets) murdered by the Taliban on the 09 Sept 2001 parade056.JPG (86571 octets)
Small guy in front Float of President Karzi Float of Massoud Victims of land mines
parade079.jpg (54410 octets) parade057.jpg (71030 octets) parade059.jpg (92412 octets) parade070.jpg (77391 octets)
BMP 2 Blind Veterans Veterans of  the Soviet War ANA
parade073.jpg (64809 octets) parade074.jpg (71603 octets) parade080.jpg (33523 octets) parade081.jpg (75537 octets)
BRDM 2 ZSU 23-4 MI-8 hip
parade082.jpg (51935 octets) parade085.jpg (69443 octets) parade086.jpg (52795 octets) parade090.jpg (64530 octets)
BMP 1 BMP 1 Hind D over flight Soviet Tanks
parade091.jpg (65246 octets) parade092.jpg (68587 octets) parade100.jpg (76956 octets) parade102.jpg (72575 octets)
Tank Tanks D-30 Howitzer Frog Missile
parade103.jpg (61041 octets) parade105.jpg (71376 octets) parade106.jpg (84634 octets) parade107.jpg (66129 octets)
Scud missiles AA guns Trench Diggers Trench Diggers
parade031.JPG (72372 octets) parade109.jpg (61619 octets) parade029.JPG (93339 octets)
Spectators Red Crescent Ambulance over flown by Hips Grand Mosque
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