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After checking out this page you will probably realize that most of the pictures have absolutely nothing to do with the Resolute Barbara Range Liaison Office. Fair enough. However, every defining moment through out the evolution of mankind has had its genesis in infinitesimally immeasurable increments that have on the most part escaped our attention because someone forgot to bring the camera. Do these photographs capture the precursors to catechistic events that will shake the very foundations of the ideologies that define us as human beings?  Probability not, I just thought that I would show off some pictures I took during previous UN tours, operational training in Canada and around the World.


Following the American invasion of Haiti to restore President Aristide to power after a military coup led by General Raoul Cedres, the United Nations and the O.A.S. gave Canada the mandate to politically stabilize the country. Our involvement in Haiti began in 1995 and terminated when  China, due to a dispute over Taiwan's massive foreign aid program vetoed extending the mission in 1997 . While in Haiti Canadian troops patrolled and policed Port au Prince and the southern half of the republic, provided security for the President and volunteered many hours of their time on humanitarian aid projects. 

Dilapidated bridge

A common form of tranportation.

Tap Tap

Me escorting the President.

My home for 2 and a half months in 1996

QRF battery with President Rene Preval

Escorting the President of Haiti

Presidential Palace

Long range patrol

The crew with the President   

Bdr. Paquin, gaurding the Palais National D'Haiti

yes its a forgery, so what are you going to do about it

A bunker at the Palace

Cover of 

C-130 re-supply

Soldier Fortune

EX WELSH TREK April 2000

In April 2000 our British NATO allies made an appeal to the Canadian Armed Forces for volunteers to participate in a treacherous adventure training exercise. Being the selfless person that I am, I immediately dropped everything and promptly stepped forward to fill the void. EX Welsh Trek consisted of an expedition to the summit of Mt. Snowdon (the Highest peak in the UK), exploration of an abandoned slate mine, visits to various Air Defense Unites in the province of Wales, Stonehenge, castles and culminated with a two day stay in London. I know that it must seem like a thankless task , but someone had to do it.  

RAF Spitfire Imperial War Museum London

The Keep

Cardiff Castle

Seized by British Custom agents enroute for Iraq

Elevation 3115 meters, or was that feet??? oh well what's the difference??

Section of Gerald Bull's super gun


Walled city in Wales

Mt Snowdon Expedition

A Beef Eater, Like on the Gin bottle

Tower of London


While in Canada certain members of the OP Palladium Crew are employed with the 58th Antiaircraft Artillery Battery located at BFC Valcartier. While so employed our Bty. Has the dubious honor of fulfilling the Low Level Air Defense role for the Land forces Quebec Area and is often called upon support operations in the Land Force Atlantic Area, the Land Force Central Area,  the Land Force Western Area and the Air Defense Artillery School at CFB Gagetown. What dose all that mean? It means we get to travel across Canada a lot.


CFB Gagetown


C-7 range CFB Valcartier

Combat Leadership Course

28 days in a freezing hell

Basic training CFB Valcartier

CLC CFB Valcartier

OP Recuperation

Winter EX BFC Valcartier

Preparing the firing stand.

Bdr Durand is not in this picture.

Javelin live fire CFB Petawawa

Javelin live fire CFB Gagetown

CAN / AM AD team CFB Shilo

Autumn Ram CFB Shilo

A Det. enjoying the sunrise.

Frosty the snow man,s evil brothers.

TOET, Test of Elementry Training. I bet you didn't know that.

Autumn Ram CFB Shilo

Winter EX CFB Valcartier

84mm TOET's CFB Valcartier

Lest we Forget

Remembrance Day Val-Belair



I have been too busy scanning pictures to write an intelligent introduction to FSS Glamoc, so here's the deal:

  • If someone should submit a suitable intro before I get around to it, I will publish it with credits &
  • I will send you some genuine RAZORS EDGE   paraphernalia.


recce1.jpg (241002 octets)

Bdr Paquin & Gnr Deeming

house555.jpg (220730 octets)

Destroyed houses, Glamoc Valley

dems7-555.jpg (392730 octets)

graves2555.jpg.JPG (263325 octets)

canons555.jpg (266179 octets)

dems8crop.jpg (524949 octets)

Laying out the detcord

Oterman Empire era grave yard

Silent Sentinals, CDN Camp Glamoc Sawmill


Waiting for range clear before destroying UXO

pops555.jpg (220947 octets)

party1555.jpg (280125 octets)

targetally555.jpg (210847 octets)

food555.jpg (307835 octets)

Pte Boyle (Pops), the longest serving soldier at Glamoc

End of tour party

Target Alley

As usual Stevei the cook  worked way to hard.

scooter2.JPG (803442 octets)

warrior.JPG (860296 octets)

P3220002.JPG (811460 octets)

down town.JPG (742823 octets)

Some guy called Scooter

2 old warriours 

Helicopter flight to VK Downtown, Glamoc


Because being The Lion of Kabul, The Razors Edge & La Lumiere Saufteur D'Haiti is a trying and full time occupation, I realy don't have the time to write a decent introduction. So enjoy.


As I walk into the shadow of the vally of death, I fear no evil.

TV024.JPG (1343091 octets)

AKA RPG alley

palace1.JPG (664922 octets)

Pasification patrol

Mine feild overlooking Kabul

Bagram road Kings Palace
A major battle in the Cold War For Merit Afghan National Army providing security at Independance Day parade burka1.JPG (2316032 octets)
Tank Graveard

Order of the Lion Cirtificate

Downtown Kabul Babes and Burkas
An engeneer thought up that title abandoned Soviet equipment parade088.JPG (723856 octets) because I am the meanest mother f***er in the valley
Burka Bunnies Armoured Wasteland Independance Day Parade Pasification patrol


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