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Welcome to the unofficial Resolute Barbara Range Liaison Office website we (the crew) invite you (the general public)  to take the time to surf this site which was constructed because I had nothing better to do on that particular weekend.

This site will be updated on a regular basis depending on the submissions by the crew and general public so feel free to come back often.


Tourism and Culture


Before starting any trip to the locations mentioned in this article, you must always remember the two main dangers in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH): the roads, and the mines....                 more

graves555.jpg (283615 octets)

After checking out this page you will probably realize that most of the pictures have absolutely nothing to do with....                                     more  


The RBR RLO is staffed by Canadian & British combat arms personnel.... more





Following World War II, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY) was proclaimed. Because of its great losses during the war and to prevent future bloodshed....




Surrounded by Croatia in the Southwest and much of the North, by Serbia and Montenegro in the East, Bosnia and Herzegovina is not....         more     


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